imgp5195My whole life I grew up with photography right by my side since I had family members as professionals. As a result, I was constantly absorbing the world of photography.

It was only natural that the same passion developed inside me, as a part of me. Now, it feels second nature to view the world through a camera lens, metaphorically and literally.

At Concord Carlisle High School, I was an active lead photographer in many organizations. I then continued to progress this domain at Hofstra University and I began to work at Pierre Chiha Photographers studio. 

In 2014, I graduated from Hofstra with a bachelors in journalism and minor in photography. 

Since graduating from college, I began to work at Pierre Chiha Photographers as an official head photographer, editor, and salesperson.

 As a photographer, I’m most drawn towards human emotions and light. Every time I discover a new interesting subject, I get excited to photograph it or them like it’s my first time. I get most excited when I travel the world with my camera because I’m constantly surrounded by new environments and interesting subjects to create art.

Currently, I’m spending a year abroad in Paris as an Au Pair… but am also using Paris as an international destination for professional portraits and weddings. 

To contact me about my services, you can reach me at gabychiha@gmail.com